Simply Megan

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

you broke my heart..CONGRATULATIONS

It's amazing that I can find some time to write in between feeling sorry for myself and trying to find things wrong with Jake. Oh it's been a great night, I would know, I've been awake for all of it. Thanks go to Jake of course. Hey buddy, if you're reading this, MAJOR PROPS TO YOU FOR BREAKING MY HEART AND TURNING ME INTO SUCH A BITTER PERSON! I think a round of applause is owed to him. He single-handedly turned me from somewhat tolerable to completely insufferable. Oh my gosh and isn't it funny how the memories I was looking back on Sunday night are the ones haunting me and keeping me awake tonight? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's just so hilarious, right? It's always great to be stabbed in the back by your boyfriend of 10 months whom you love so much! It would be so much cooler if now I totally hated him, that would be the shit. But no, I'm still madly in love with this kid. It's weird how things work out in ways you never expect. It all makes sense though. Really it does. I'm absolutely thrilled to have no love life whatsoever. I mean, who needs to be happy and have fun with the guy they love? Sounds fucking boring, eh? Oh man oh man I just CANNOT wait for more suffering and pain to come my way. I thrive on it! HEHE! LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANKS AGAIN JAKE!!!!

who am i kidding? I love that kid more than anything and it's killing me that he doesn't feel the same.

Monday, November 29, 2004


i can't even write at this moment, i just can't

why oh why

a new blog. why you may ask? why did i switch back from xanga? why not. new screenname, new blog, somewhat new outlook. i went running today. i had to go mail a letter and the mailbox is about a 1/2 mile away. so i took that. and then i came back and read jake's guestbook on his profile. he's made a lot of new friends. mostly girls too. oh well, i trust him and all. he's coming up here on wednesday for an orthodontist appointment. i don't get to see him though. i'm kinda down about that. well i'm done. love you jake..